January 16th - Mini Series with Sunni Markowitz,

Founder of Camp Lantern Creek at Evelyn's Park

"Why Being the Perfect Mom is Not Always the Best Option"

February 27th - Spring Edition of The Mommie Series at Evelyn's Park

March 27th - Mini Series with Crystal Duffy & Danielle Busby

   "Moms of Multiples" at Evelyn's Park

April 24th - Summer Edition of The Mommie Series

August 28th - Fall Edition of The Mommie Series

September 26th - Business Edition with Bulletproof Future Planning

"Growing Your Savings Free from Market Risk & Taxes"

October 17th - Lunch & Learn with Firat Education and The College Money Guys at Liberty Kitchen at The Treehouse

"Never Too Early, Never Too Late to Start Planning for College"

October 23rd - Winter Edition of The Mommie Series at Heights Haven

November 13th - Mini Series with Eating Recovery Center at Ouise's Table

"Holiday Moods & Behaviors: The Ups, Downs & Everything In Between"

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